tickerAerie Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm providing professional portfolio management services. We founded Aerie Capital Management with one guiding principle. We wanted to help our clients to build safe nests for years to come. We do this through concentrating on the fundamentals of individual companies. We pay attention to numbers, ignoring the static of daily price fluctuations. We do our own research rather than rely on the oftentimes flawed and biased research that comes from major brokerage firms. We primarily think of ourselves as an asset manager, which means our focus is on managing investments within a portfolio.  For smaller accounts we prefer to use no-load mutual funds or low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs).

We operate on a fee-only basis. We accept no commissions for any product and we have no revenue sharing agreements nor do we take third-party payments such as referral fees from any of the professionals we work with.   Our aim is to be truly independent so we can offer you the best advice possible.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in your best interest.  You can read more about this on the Investment Advisor Advantage page.

In addition to asset management, we offer comprehensive financial planning for everything from college funding for your children to retirement planning.  We do not sell insurance, annuities, tax or accounting advice or offer legal opinions. We do, however, have a network of professionals we work with that offer life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, low cost annuities when appropriate, estate planning and accounting services.  We believe in “outsourcing” each area to experts who concentrate solely on those roles.  By working in conjunction with either your current professionals or our network of experts, we can provide you with the most comprehensive and objective financial plan possible.


We offer small and mid-sized businesses access to a full suite of retirement plan products include SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and 401(k) plans.  We can help whether you want to start a new plan for your employees or you have an existing plan you would like evaluated.

If you have an existing 401(k) plan, we can provide a free analysis of your current plan as to the fund choices and fees.  Many times, the fees participants pay on their 401(k) plan are hidden and high.  We can help shed light on your plan and we will tell you if you have an appropriate plan or if we can offer a comparable or better plan at a lower cost to you and your employees.

As independent advisors, we do not sell any one particular product. We have access to numerous 401(k) providers which allows us to tailor a plan to suit the needs of your business and your employees with the lowest cost possible.  In addition, as a registered investment advisor, we can sit down with your employees to help each one decide on an allocation of investment choices that is suited for him or her.  We also work with you to make sure the choices in your 401(k) plan remain appropriate and that you have provided appropriate choices to meet or exceed regulator’s expectations.